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Medical Coverage Changes:


As you can read in the FAQ, there are a number of changes to the Partnership plan.  Highlights include:  There will be an immediate decrease in premiums for Partnership members, due to an overall cost decrease in the plan of approximately 8 percent, and a $600,000 savings for Trumbull during a difficult budget year.  Beyond this, the most substantive changes members need to examine are an increase in the co-pay for non-emergency visits to the ER from $35 to $250, an increase in the co-pay/coinsurance for diagnostic services and outpatient lab services (MRI, x-rays, CT scans, blood work, etc.) if those providers are not “preferred” or no longer in the network, and the establishment of a list of approved prescription drugs administered by CVS/Caremark.  (This last means that some drugs will have a slightly higher co-pay, a $5 increase, and a small number of high-cost medications will no longer be covered and will require generic substitution unless a waiver is obtained.)

Please send me your questions regarding the changes to Tammy Jacobellis at before the meeting if possible and/or if you cannot attend, and please feel free to ask questions at the meeting itself.