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To Employees covered under the State Partnership Plan 2.0 Medical Insurance


Please be aware that the TBOE does NOT monitor the detail of employees’ compliance with the Health Enhancement Program.   This program is monitored by the State of CT and Care Mgmt Solutions.  By now, if you are not in compliance you should have received a reminder notice directly from them.

Information regarding requirements, physician notification forms, etc can be found on the HEP website below.


Medical Coverage Changes:


As you can read in the FAQ, there are a number of changes to the Partnership plan.  Highlights include:  There will be an immediate decrease in premiums for Partnership members, due to an overall cost decrease in the plan of approximately 8 percent, and a $600,000 savings for Trumbull during a difficult budget year.  Beyond this, the most substantive changes members need to examine are an increase in the co-pay for non-emergency visits to the ER from $35 to $250, an increase in the co-pay/coinsurance for diagnostic services and outpatient lab services (MRI, x-rays, CT scans, blood work, etc.) if those providers are not “preferred” or no longer in the network, and the establishment of a list of approved prescription drugs administered by CVS/Caremark.  (This last means that some drugs will have a slightly higher co-pay, a $5 increase, and a small number of high-cost medications will no longer be covered and will require generic substitution unless a waiver is obtained.)

Please send me your questions regarding the changes to Tammy Jacobellis at before the meeting if possible and/or if you cannot attend, and please feel free to ask questions at the meeting itself.